Career Profile

  • My Career started as a Manufacturers Rep agency (5-years) Deep dive learning into Brick&Mortar pricing, merchandising, and supply-chain distribution
  • Taught myself coding, went through a coding bootcamp, moved into Senior Engineering across consulting and startup businesses
  • Went back to Manufacturers Rep Agency, bought the business from previous owner, started building proprietary systems to advance the business.

  • What exactly is an Amazon Sales Consultant?

    Manufacturers Representatives exist to increase the sales potential at a given retailer.

    For example, people go onto shark tank because the sharks have years of experience getting product into retailers. Retailers are often challenging to work with.

    I also have years of software developement experience, so we are able to build custom integrations and software.

    There are very few Manufacturers Representatives that are also software developers and able to understand the scope of technical software coding.

    What can I do for you?

    • Custom software for Amazon Sellers
    • Custom dashboards for Amazon Vendors
    • Full-Service account management for your Amazon account
      • SEO optimizations
      • reporting
      • chargebacks
      • logistical optimizatons