The biggest regret I have thus far in my life is not taking better care. Care of my Health, care of my Relationships, and taking care to remember successes/failures to learn better from them.

2013 was for rebuilding.

I sold everything I owned and went to a programming school. Entirely switching careers and i’d say it was a pretty successful adventure. I spent the first 3 months without alcohol, juicing and coding.

2014 was for stabilizing.

I kept pushing my professional life and decided to head to SF for a real career boost. It was a little rocky at the end but could have been much worse.

2015 was for health.

I started working for my brother’s company which didn’t really feel like home. After a few months I found a dream come true with Instacart. It wasn’t until after getting hired and settling in that I stopped ignoring some Issues. Its pretty clear that deciding to take care of myself was necessary

It was basically a slow shift away from 100% focus on my career towards a healthy relationship.

My girlfriend has been the best thing that happened to me in 2015 without a doubt. I’m keeping her around as long as possible.

Here’s my 2016 list: