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QUICK business phone numbers

Most people want a business phone number right when they think about it. You should be able to sign up and get a phone number for incredibly minimal costs and then pay as you go… (we only make money when you USE the phone) Twilio phones are $1/month plus usage.

Upload Image, Buy “Lego Artwork”

See LegraJS - converts image to “Brick” See Brick Builder -

New and Improved ListServ

I get automated emails from important systems, and often need to automatically redirect those emails to important contacts at different companies.

for example, we give retailer a “special order email” and our supplier doesn’t have the ability to create an internal email list… We should be able to do that for them with a basic listserv tool.


Both Gmail and Outlook are missing this feature

Mail Merge for UPS/Fedex Shipments

Shipping multiple things is cumbersome!

You have a list of names addresses and box dimensions…

You should be able to get back:

Two Factor Authorization for Teams

Often security gets in the way of letting business happen efficiently…

A huge global vendor ( requires 2FA for their suppliers, which is fine and expected.

Often the suppliers have a dozen people that need to touch the account, and 99% of the time they end up SHARING AN EMAIL.

Then what? Some random employee in the warehouse has his personal cell-phone setup to 2FA and has to be tracked down by the VP of sales that decides they want a simple report.

Team2FA could be the phone/access/2FA phone number for all 2FA login services. It would have a dashboard with ‘codes’ received by the system, and basically be easier to create an account. Kinda becomes the main access point for company login. I think twilio cannot receive text messages from 2FA systems which makes this harder.